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CSL Behring supports #GemeinsamKlimaSchützen

The regional initiative is committed to harmonizing economy, ecology and social issues.

Group planting a tree

Together with other innovative companies, CSL Behring is making an important contribution to securing the future in the North Hesse/Marburg region as a partner of #GemeinsamKlimaSchützen. "For CSL Behring, the focus is always on people. The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time. For us, it is therefore  self-evident that we do our utmost to contribute to the region," explains site manager Michael Schröder. 

Networking is a particularly valuable tool in this regard. The initiative’s business alliance facilitates a cross-institutional exchange on the business community's contribution to climate neutrality. In this way, knowledge is rooted within the region and its attractiveness for investors and skilled workers is secured. "The combination of ecology and economy thus creates an important basis for a sustainable site development," Schröder continued. 

CSL Behring's partnership with #GemeinsamKlimaSchützen fits well into the sustainability strategy the company is currently developing worldwide.