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"Re-Start" becomes "Re-StartPlus": The success story continues

Eight participants lay the foundations for their professional future as chemical production specialists with a six-month pre-training program.

Re-StartPlus Participants

After gaining positive experience in a pilot project, we are happy to go one step further. This also applies to the "Re-Start" program, which has a particular focus on diversity, inclusion and the sustainable development of skilled employees. 

The success story of "Re-Start"

With "Re-Start", the Early Career Team has created a tailored development program that offers the opportunity to gain long-term access to the job market. Through special preparatory courses, training and internships in CSL Behring's production facilities, a total of 16 refugees were able to get to know the world of work in the first two cohorts of "Re-Start". The aim of the program is to prepare participants for an apprenticeship as a chemical production specialist and pave the way for permanent employment. So far, eleven participants have proudly signed their employment contract after completing the program and have thus embarked on a successful professional future. CSL Behring is delighted with this success and is now expanding the program. 

From "Re-Start" to "Re-StartPlus" 

The new "Re-StartPlus" program has been launched together with Provadis, a partner for education and consulting. The special feature of the new edition of the program is the diversity of participants: Both refugees and people already living in Germany can take part in the program and prepare themselves for their entry into the world of work. The aim of the "Re-StartPlus" program is to ensure equal opportunities for all participants by providing specific support so that everyone can successfully start their training with the same prerequisites. Eight participants from Central Hesse, Syria, Pakistan and Ukraine are currently preparing for training as chemical production specialists in a six-month program. The participants are now passing through stations in the workshop, laboratory and technical departments, attending vocational school once a week and completing practical assignments in the production facilities at CSL Behring. The program is rounded off with pedagogical support and, if necessary, language lessons. 

Demand-oriented programs for young talent 

The program is supported by the Early Career Team, which attracts and develops young talent for CSL Behring with its diverse and demand-oriented programs. The "Re-StartPlus" program is one of many examples that is characterized by diversity and sustainability. 
"Our STEM-focused early career programs champion diversity, equity and inclusion and provide a sustainable talent pipeline that advances our mission to provide our patients with life-saving products. We use innovative approaches to adapt our already successful programs to future challenges and needs. In this case, we have expanded our "Re-Start" program for refugees to include additional target groups. This ensures greater diversity in the program and therefore better integration," says program manager Christin Behlert. 
After the very successful previous cycles, CSL Behring is delighted to not only be making a contribution to integration again, but also to be able to actively recruit people for the Marburg site as potential future employees.