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"Re-Start" as a Springboard

Hossein's story and more about the integrative path for people into their professional future

Re-Start Program

When Hossein Hezarjaribi arrived in Germany in 2018, he had no knowledge of German to speak, but he was ready to fight for his chance to build a livelihood for himself and his family. 

He successfully took part in the "Re-Start" program of his current employer, CSL Behring in Marburg, and was prepared for an apprenticeship as a chemical production specialist in 11 months.   

Re-Start prepares refugees for training in Germany at CSL Behring, where they not only learn German, but also everything that is relevant to company structures and everyday working life. For Hossein, it was clear that language skills in are the key to his success, so he spent seven hours a day learning German. The program included practical experience in the production departments at CSL Behring as well as pre-training content at Provadis, the partner for education and consulting at the Behringwerke.  

After completing the "Re-Start" program, Hossein was successfully taken on as a chemical production specialist. He was able to complete this apprenticeship in 2022 as one of the best, awarded by the Kassel-Marburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce. There is no question that CSL Behring was happy to offer him a permanent position after his training and is now continuing the success story with Hossein as a permanent employee.  

Everything has turned out well for Hossein Hezarjaribi: The married father of two is not only able to provide for his family but has also shown what is possible with hard work and willpower. He has already set his next goals. He will take part in his employer's further training opportunities to qualify for positions as a team leader or pharmaceutical technician. 

The new edition of the "Re-Start" program

A total of 16 refugees took part in the "Re-Start" program in the first two projects, 15 of whom started an apprenticeship and 11 of whom were ultimately taken on as permanent employees at CSL Behring. This rate is exceptionally good and therefore a great development for both sides, the company and the participants. After this start, CSL Behring will increase its commitment even further. The new edition of "Re-Start" offers not only refugees, but also people with disabilities or obstacles to finding work, the chance of training and the prospect of a job.