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Diversity has many facets

... and benefits for our patients and employees.

Collage with 8 people holding letters with the German word for Diversity
Marburg employees stand up for Diversity

Today marks German Diversity Day and at CSL Behring, we take a thoughtful and deliberate approach to promoting diversity and inclusion that aligns with our values of patient focus, innovation, integrity, collaboration and excellence. We want to build an inclusive culture where our employees feel recognized, valued and included.

That's why we signed the "Diversity Charter" last year. It breaks down diversity into seven dimensions that are almost unalterably linked to human beings; these include social and ethnic origin, religion and age, but also sexual orientation, gender & identity, as well as physical and mental abilities.

With our pledge to the Diversity Charter, we have committed ourselves to constantly reviewing whether we have created the right conditions for a diverse and appreciative organizational culture. This includes, for example, that we strive to use inclusive and gender-neutral language.

To promote diversity in our company in practical terms, we are committed to family-friendliness in the workplace (for example, by offering childcare for employees), promote women in leadership positions, for example, through mentoring programs or cooperation with universities. We also offer refugees support in starting their careers at CSL Behring. Subtitles facilitate understanding for people with auditory disabilities participating in video conferences.

We can shape a better future by making different voices heard. We believe that by promoting and respecting the individual skills, experiences and perspectives of our employees, we will ultimately be better able to help our patients. 

To learn more about diversity and inclusion at CSL, visit us here. Read about highlights of our Diversity & Inclusion policy here or in our Annual Report.