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CSL Behring flies the flag for diversity

26 May is Diversity Day. A day of action for diversity in the workplace.

Diversity Day

Diversity comes in so many forms. Diversity of people, lifestyles, views, expressions, orientations and interests. Everyone is different and these differences make us all special.

Our diversity is key to our success

At CSL Behring, people from many different countries, with different genders or gender identities, sexual orientations, skin colors, beliefs, interests and views work together. We are all united by our promise to enable our patients to lead a better life. To deliver on this promise, everyone brings their own backgrounds, life experiences and perspectives, attitudes and strengths. This is how new ideas and solutions are born. Diversity is critical to our culture of innovation and therefore important to our business success.

Appreciative and respectful work environment

Embracing diversity means treating everyone as they are, giving everyone equal opportunities and allowing everyone to flourish. To ensure that we provide an appreciative and respectful working environment for our employees and diverse dialogue groups, we have various initiatives and programs in place. We even take great care to include aspects of diversity and inclusion when recruiting new employees. Together with “Mentoring Hessen”, the largest university network for women in the MINT sector (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology) in Europe, we actively support women with MINT backgrounds. Through our “Program for the Integration of Refugees”, we were also able to help nine refugees find an apprenticeship or permanent position at CSL Behring last year. By offering flexible working hours and sponsoring a daycare place, we promote equal career opportunities to enable our colleagues to balance their personal lives and their careers. 


In recognition of our work, we were named one of the best employers for diversity by Forbes magazine. CSL was also listed as one of the 100 best employers worldwide in the renowned “Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion Index” (formerly Thompson & Reuters).

But now is not the time to sit back; there is still a lot to do. Together we are working on bringing even greater diversity into our sphere and flying our flag for diversity.

You can find more information about Diversity Day here.