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Watercise – The Active Water Training for Hemophiliacs

Watercise is a word composed of "Water" and "Exercise" and stands for training exercises in water. This water training is specifically designed to meet the needs of people with hemophilia. It includes exercises from the field of aqua fitness, aqua aerobics, aqua jogging, as well as relaxing exercises known from the field of aquafeeling or thalassotherapy. Watercise is conducted by experienced aqua fitness instructors in collaboration with CSL Behring.

Watercise is used to train endurance, strength and speed, as well as flexibility and coordination. There are no restrictions due to age or state of health, everyone participates according to their possibilities. In addition to aqua fitness, aqua jogging and diving, the Watercise program is supplemented by strengthening exercises with Thera bands or tubes to enable regular training outside the pool.


Aqua fitness includes exercises in the water to increase personal well-being. The water resistance makes the exercises more effective, but above all it is a workout that is easy on the joints. Aqua fitness can be performed both in shallow and deep water. Especially aqua fitness in shallow water is a very good method of getting used to water for anxious people and for non-swimmers.


Aquajogging is ideal for those who want to achieve a lot in a short time: half an hour of jogging in the water burns the same number of calories and trains cardiovascular system approximately as an hour of running "on land". Aquajogging can be done by you even if running on land is no longer possible.


Both children and adults get their money's worth when diving. Children from the age of 8 dive with a playful program in which the emphasis is on fun. At 10 to 12 years old, they are old enough to go underwater like the grown-ups.


For questions about Watercise, contact Dr. Thomas Linhoff from CSL Behring, email: thomas.linhoff@cslbehring.com

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Watercise study

The Watercise study is the first study to investigate the positive effects of Watercise exercises for hemophilia patients over a long period of 12 months.

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