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Primary Immunodeficiency

What is Primary Immunodeficiency?

Your immune system keeps you healthy by fighting off germs. But people living with primary immunodeficiency disease (PID, sometimes known as PI or PIDD) have an immune system that is not working properly, beginning at birth. For people living with PID, infections may not go away or can come back often, even with the use of antibiotics. Infections may be common, severe, long-lasting, or hard to cure, but once correctly diagnosed and treated, people with PID can live full and active lives.

Resources for you

Immunodeficiency Info Information on the immune defense, the peculiarities of the human immune system as well as immunodeficiencies and their therapy with immunoglobulins.    Website (in German)
Primary immunodeficiency
Guide and service portal on the subject of primary immunodeficiency. Website (in German)
Immune Expert
Guide and service portal on the subject of immune defense with information on immunoglobulins and help for those affected with immunodeficiencies.  Website (in German)
ImmunForum Online portal with learning content for continuing medical education (CME) in the field of immunological diseases and their therapy.  Website (in German)
dsai German patient organization for congenital immunodeficiencies with information and help for dealing with the disease.   Website (in German)
Find-ID           Network initiative of physicians, hospitals and patient organization on congenital immunodeficiencies.   Website (in German)