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Australian Ambassador Visits Biotech Campus in Marburg

A Testament to Innovation and Collaboration between Germany and Australia.

Group photo visit Australian Ambassador to Germany, Natasha Smith
Ambassador Natasha Smith and her delegation gained insight into CSL's activities in Germany.

In a remarkable display of international collaboration and innovation, the Australian Ambassador to Germany Natasha Smith visited the state-of-the-art R&D Campus of CSL’s Research and Development department in Marburg. The visit, which underscored the company's significant impact on the local economy and its pivotal role in global biotech advancements, was highlighted by comprehensive presentations and an exclusive lab tour.

During the visit, the Ambassador received an in-depth overview of CSL’s diverse business units—Commercial, Operations, and R&D—presented by the company’s general managers. Dr. Lutz Bonacker, Dr. Niklas Schier and Dr. Lars Groenke highlighted the company as a major employer, a key driver of innovation, and a substantial contributor to local economic growth, and showcased the company's impressive footprint in Marburg and Germany and its global success trajectory, reinforced by cutting-edge research and development initiatives.

The visit concluded with an on-site lab tour conducted by the company's young scientific talents, providing the Ambassador and her delegation an opportunity to witness firsthand the groundbreaking work being done on-site. This hands-on experience underscored the innovative spirit and expertise driving CSL's success.

CSL continues to set benchmarks in the biotech industry, and the Ambassador’s visit highlighted the company's integral role in advancing scientific frontiers and fostering international partnerships.