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Marburg Historic University lights up on "Rare Disease Day"

Under the motto "Share Your Colors", we are setting an example for the 300 million people living with a rare disease.

Light-up building in green, blue, purple and pink
Historic University in Marburg, Germany, lit up in colors for Rare Disease Day, Monday, 28 February. Photo by Marius Krutschke

On 28 February, which is "Rare Disease Day," the Historic University in Marburg joins other famous buildings around the world in glowing pink, blue, purple and green – the colors of the awareness day. Patient networks, associations and companies around the world organize events to raise public awareness about rare diseases and their impact. 300 million people and their families worldwide live with a rare disease – this corresponds to about five percent of the world’s population. In Germany, about four million cases are known.

We’re all connected as patients, caregivers, doctors, health care workers, scientists in the lab, plasma donors and those who produce life-changing medicines. Our collective hope shines light on all the progress we’ve made and the challenges still before us to overcome. Too few patients receive a swift and accurate diagnosis and many more need access to treatments that can improve the quality of their lives. And the medicines we call best-in-class today must continue to evolve and improve,” CSL Limited CEO Paul Perreault said in a video message to all employees.

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