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Thank you to our Marburg team

We would like to thank our colleagues for their tireless efforts.

We stay here

With rapid speed, the outbreak of the coronavirus has changed all of our lives – both professionally and personally. We at CSL Behring have not been left unscathed by this either and are faced with new challenges every day as a result. Our priority in these times is the health of our employees and the care of our patients.

In order to maintain the production of medicines that are vital for our patients and at the same time ensure the best possible protection for our colleagues, we adapted our processes and the way we work to the new situation within a very short time, thereby ensuring that our patients can rely on us even in times of crisis.

Thank you!

We would like to thank all the Marburg team for coming to site every day and ensuring that we can continue to produce medicines for our patients who rely on them every day. Your flexibility and perseverance during these difficult times is unparalleled. Our thanks also go to the staff at the plasma donation centers and to all those who give hope to people through their work in the research and development laboratories. We must also thank our colleagues working at home, who never lose focus despite the daily grind and the state of emergency.

No matter where you are working to help us deliver on our promise, you are overcoming the professional and personal challenges day after day and are there for our patients. We thank you, CSL Behring team!