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CSL Behring donates

Support for digital education and social interaction

CSL Behring donates

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of our society. Many people are fearing for their existence because of the lockdown and its economic consequences. At the same time, many places are witnessing the emergence of numerous ideas and offers of support to help people affected.

Donating to support digital education in Middle Hesse

In the current situation, our children and young people are experiencing what is probably the biggest change in their day-to-day lives. Regular lessons came to a complete stop due to the lockdown, and everyone started talking about “homeschooling”: independent learning at home under the digital guidance of a teacher.

CSL Behring is supporting the city of Marburg and the Marburg-Biedenkopf district in setting up the digital infrastructure required in the educational institutions in the Marburg-Biedenkopf region. The goal of these efforts must be to give all children and young people access to digital lessons and thus increase equal opportunities. After all, education is the future and is key to participating in community life.

Donating to foster social togetherness

For over 35 years, Hof Fleckenbühl has been an important shelter and support provider for addicts in our region. The three sites that have since opened are home to 170 adults and more than 20 children and adolescents.

With special-purpose businesses such as an organic bistro or a moving service, the institution generates a large part of its income itself and at the same time offers the residents the opportunity of regular employment or qualification and training.

The lockdown brought about by the coronavirus pandemic led to a drop in turnover, which threatens the existence of the Hof Fleckenbühl businesses.
Maintaining the services for addicts seeking help in the Marburg-Biedenkopf region has become a community task, one in which CSL Behring is happy to participate.

We support people who help others and promote social and respectful coexistence with their commitment.

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