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Alpha1 Science Awards

Call for proposals 2023 for Germany, Austria, Switzerland

A1 Science Awards

Next year for the second time CSL Behring will grant awards to aspiring clinicians and scientists for their clinical and research projects in the field of Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD).

The purpose of the Alpha1 Science Awards is to benefit the patients suffering from AATD, improving their lives through driving innovations withing the field of AATD and promoting the next generation of AATD specialists addressing patients’ needs.

The awards are reserved for early career clinicians and scientists who hold a medical or a natural scientific degree, without a leading function, and will be granted for either basic research or clinical projects in the field of AATD. 

Applicants with less than five years of faculty experience will be favored. Awards will be granted for projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that have not yet been published or have been published no longer than 12 months before the end of the submission period.

An independent scientific committee of 5 internationally known Alpha-1 experts will evaluate the applications and select the winning projects. The price fund of the awards granted in 2022 constituted of EUR 5,000 each and will be determined in 2023 by our scientific committee and CSL Behring.

To apply, following documents have to be submitted until January 31th 2023 in pdf format per email to alpha1scienceawards@cslbehring.com.

  • Application form obtained from CSL Behring
  • Short summary / Abstract
  • Manuscript of research/clinical work
  • CV with list of publications

The awards will be granted during the CSL Behring Symposium at the DGP congress on March 29th 2023 in Düsseldorf. The winners will be notified in advance.

Further information:

The application form from CSL Behring and further information can be found at www.pneumologie.de/dgp and at www.alpha-1-center.org. The e-mail address for submission of proposals and questions is alpha1scienceawards@cslbehring.com

We are very much looking forward to your submissions! Good luck!


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